Deep Water

I am exhibiting a series of eight works entitled Absence – the Norfolk Chalk Reef in the upcoming exhibition Deep Water at Groundwork Gallery in Kings Lynn. The opening is on Saturday 15th October from 5.30-7.30 and the show runs until December 17th, Wednesday – Saturday, 11-4.

In these works delicate seaweeds and bryozoa washed up from the Norfolk chalk reef are laid onto chalk, sprinkled with soot from my chimney, and removed, leaving their trace. The soot laid directly onto the chalk puts me in front of the damage my actions do to the living world around me.

The Norfolk chalk reef was ‘discovered’ in about 2010 by local divers. No one knew its extent (probably about 20 miles along the coast) because the sea is full of silt and visibility is virtually nil, apart from just one or two days a year. Since then it has slowly revealed its riches. If you want to know more, then check out this video by diver and photographer Chris Taylor: