Exhibition Extended until August 25th

Very pleased to announce that my exhibition – the spirit wraps around me, nature as a second skin – has now been extended for another month. There is also now a cafe at the granary serving delicious drinks and pastries, and it’s an ideal place to take a break from your journey between London and Norfolk as it’s just off the A11. I hope you’ll be able to make it. For more information and opening times visit: https://www.staplefordgranary.org.uk/whats-on/events/liz-mcgowan-launch

What would it be like to experience a deep sensual immersion in the world around us?

Supposing, instead of walking on a footpath or a beach, we were walking in, or inside an ever changing

kaleidoscope of texture, colour, light and process…

Supposing we were literally cloaked in our surroundings?

Liz McGowan explores these ideas through her creative collaboration with the detail, patterns and processes of landscape, calling attention to a continual multi-sensual exchange with our surroundings. This body of work, exhibited at the Granary, includes cloaks, sculpture and earth works.