You win some, you lose some

I had planned to show some pieces from the murmuration series at North Farm next weekend – murmurations of ash keys on perspex boards – but when I got them out two of them had mysteriously lost most of their ash keys.  I’m not complaining, they were part of a series of ephemeral, changing work called Time Passes, but it was unexpected.

So what to hang instead?  I decided to open up a piece that I hadn’t looked at since 2010, a series of delicate hand-made paper hangings that I thought had been badly damaged in the move to the farm – they emerged from their packaging almost perfect!  They are called ‘Undercut’ and were made as part of a series of works inspired by the eroding coastline at Happisburgh.  Next to them I will put a small sculpture called “Phare View”.  It’s the name of a house that once stood on the cliffs in the village of Happisburgh, until the cliffs disappeared from under it.  Called Phare View because of its views of Happisburgh Lighthouse.  The bricks and tiles of many houses ended up on the beach and over the years have been worn into smooth pebbles.  I have collected them and made them into a house again.