May 2014 – News for the Summer with links

I have just put up a sculpture at RSPB Minsmere which I have made from the many, many pieces of plastic that visitors collected off the beach and brought to the Plastic Palace.  It is at the end of the North Wall.  Full information from:

Minsmere Art Works

You can see new work at the Greenhouse in Bethel Street Norwich, part of their exhibition called Flight.  This is part of a series of works that change with time and more pieces will be on show at my Open Studios event, The Crooked Rose, along with work by Malca Schotten, Kim Turner, Lorraine Valentine, Maryrose Watson, Thomas Matthew Elston and Red Sanderson – including Tea and Conversation and opportunities to be hands on!  See more at:

The Crooked Rose and Time Passes

Later in the summer I will be working with Jane Frost at Cley next the Sea for the exhibition Cley 14.  We will be exploring the shifting tidelines at Cley, the current one on the shingle beach and the Medieval one near the church.  Installations and activities and journals to write in.  Information and dates from:

Cley 14

I will also be exhibiting in the Norwich Castle Open, Inspired by Birds, from 12th July to 31st August:  Inspired by Birds