I worked with Maetherea – Cristina Morbi and Aurora Destro – developing and running a community engagement programme for their commission at Reedham Ferry, part of the Norfolk Way Art Trail. https://norfolkwayarttrail.co.uk/artists/iron-reef/

The focus was on inviting locals and visitors to engage with the River Yare. I sited outdoor diaries by the river, inviting people to write and draw about their relationship with the river:

I ran two workshops at Reedham Ferry. Beginning with a walk involving multi-sensory engagements with the surrounding land:

We then sat by the river and made nests and each participant was invited to write a wish onto seed encrusted paper, and place it into their nest.

At the end of the day the nests were launched onto the river on a raft of reeds so that they could float downstream, perhaps to the sea, distributing seeds as they went.