Chthon is one of several Greek words for ‘earth’;  it refers to that which is under the earth.  In English, ‘chthonic’ describes deities or spirits of the underworld.

I spent 18 months working with saltmarsh mud – slick, liquid, shifting – exploring what it does, how it moves.  At the same time this activity has linked in to a chthonic energy – raw, earthy – a planet in crisis meeting an inner, empathetic roar.

These works use saltmarsh mud, in liquid and solid form, to create patterns and sculptures that link the above and the below, the veins and the watersheds, as an expression of this roar, this earthy connection between the human and the more than human world.

Liz McgowanPaintingsMarch2020WB005

Liz McgowanPaintingsMarch2020WB003

I also made a series of figures: